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AIRCRAFT TYRES delivered to your door, Australia wide.                   Last update  29/5/2020

FREIGHT  $15.00 per order* *up to 22kg*  via Australia Post.  *NSW, ACT and VIC, please allow 2 - 5 days.  Other states or territories, 4 -10 days.*                                                          

Orders and enquiries:  sales@waggabiketyres.com   or call/txt Fred on  0407 252505 



CARLISLE TURF-GLIDE 8.00-6  $155.00 The good old TG, 4 ply rated, tube type.  Popular small TUNDRA tyre.  

8.00-6 TUBES are available in TR13 tapered rubber stem or TR87 bent metal stem.   Both these stems have a small offset from centreline.  $27.00 ea. 

Outside diameter is about 16 inches, width 7.25.  Tread depth is 5mm.  Weight is 3.5kg.


DELIVERY:  Please allow 2-5 business days for a NSW, ACT or VIC address or 4-10 days for other states or territories.


AERO CLASSIC  21x8.00x6 TUNDRA.  $285.00  An 8.00x6 but with a sporty 21 inch outside diameter.

Can be fitted tubeless or with tube.  4 ply rating with full 6mm tread depth.  Max load 363kg at 25psi.  Maximum rolling speed 61 knots.  Tyre weight 4.8kg.

TUBEs to suit.  Option 1) Size 800-6 industrial grade is $27.00 and weighs 590g.  Choose from TR87 bent, or TR13 straight valve stem.              Option 2)  This AERO CLASSIC 700/800-6 aviation grade, with TR20 straight stem or TR87/70 bent stem.  $129.00


Aero Classic Smooth Tundra 22" 850x6 4pr. tube type. Only 4.0kg!  $459.00

Max speed 104kt.  Max load 1600LB/725KG.  TSO-C62e  Skid depth 0.16"/4.06mm


TUBE  850x6  Aviation grade.  $148.00  SAE AS50141. TR20 straight valve stem with yellow hex cap.  Weight 1.2kg Natural rubber.



13x5.00-6 / 140-6 section



TRELLEBORG T510 Truck 140-6  10 ply tube type   Replaces 13x5.00-6    Much longer tyre life with less flats!   

The tread is very deep.   We run them on the main gear of a J160 doing training work, mostly on bitumen.  Double plus tread life. No punctures (touch wood). 

JABIRU  Fits, mains and nose, J160C J160D J170C J170D J230C J230D plus J160 J170 J230.  Spats OK.  Also fits LSA 55 3J if fitted with the popular "Medium B" undercarriage option. 



Aero Classic "Leakguard" aviation grade tube.  Size 13x500-6 with TR87 stem (only).  $75.00


TRELLEBORG  T510 13x5.00-6 6pr.  $66.00  Great deep tread look for Jabby nose or mains.

Specified OE tyre in Jabiru drawings.   Nice deep tread but has less life and puncture resistance than 10 ply shown above.

 TUBES are $16.00 and available in TR87 or TR13, OR see Aero Classic tube above.   We use this tyre on the nose, with

10plys on the main gear.  1.7kg.



4.00-4 section


DURO   HF210  4.00-4  6pr. Tube type.   $49.00  Rugged construction with a LOW PROFILE.  Diameter is about 285mm.  

Fits Jabiru J120 nose fork perfectly.  Works great!  Gives best prop clearance.

Excellent for Nanolight.  5mm tread depth.  The narrowest and smallest diameter 4.00-4.  Weight circa 1.2kg.

Width at widest point is about 90mm.  Width at tread is 75mm. TUBES are $16.00ea. in TR13 straight or TR87 bent stem.


MITAS AERO B1 12x4 (4.00-4) 28J tube type.  $89.00

OE nose tyre for Lambada.  Carries euro "E" mark certification but no stated ply rating.  A good replacement for your Cheng Shin C179.  

TUBES with TR13 or TR87 valve stems are $16.00ea.   Outside diameter about 312mm.  Width is about 100mm.


The solution for your 4" Jabiru main wheels.

AERO CLASSIC   4.00-4 T/L 8pr.  $139.00  New tri-rib design for longer tread life.

Rated for 62MPH carrying 800lbs.   An excellent tyre for your J120 or Starlet.    Outside diameter about 292mm/11.5".

Width is about 100mm.  TUBES with TR13 or TR87 valve stems are $16.00ea.



11x4.00-5 / LAMB section

AERO CLASSIC   11x4.00-5 T/L 8pr.  $139.00  New pattern Tri-Rib.  Rated for 650 lbs and 100 MPH.

Super rugged for main gear or LAMB nose tyre on Van's RV.   Fit with tube or tubeless.

TUBES with TR13 or TR87 stem,  $16.00 ea.



260/85, 300-4 section

WANDA P523 3.00-4 (260-85) 4pr. tube type.  $32.00    TUBES available (2.50/3.00-4) with TR13 or TR87 stem.  $16.00ea.  

This is a standard duty tyre suitable for traditional ultralight aircraft.



15x600-6 section

WANDA P508 15x6.00-6 T/L 6pr.   $69.00  Fit tubeless or with tube.   Tyre weight is about 2.3 kg.   This is a standard duty tyre. 

Not recommended for circuit training on sealed strips.

Tyre stands about 13.25 inches high by about 6 inches section width.


WANDA P508 15x6.00-6 T/L 10pr.   $82.00   Economy tyre with extra puncture resistance!  

Tread life is similar to the 6pr. version but the case is notably tougher.  Not recommended for circuit training on sealed strips. 

Weight  2.5kg.



AERO CLASSIC 15x6.00-6 6pr. LSA tyre.  $179.00  A beaut choice for your private or working LSA!

Deep tread.  Long life.  Good puncture resistance.  Rated for 886kg/1950lb to 70mph/61kt.  Non TSO.  Tube type.  2.8kg. 

Tread depth 6mm.  Outside diameter 360mm/14.2 inches.  Case width 147mm (varies with wheel width).  Tread width 120mm.


CONDOR 15x6.00-6 6pr.  P/N 072-449-0  $259.00  Rated for 1,950lb/884kg at 120 mph/104kt.  TSO EASA Form 1.

Diameter is about 13.8 inches.  This great value General Aviation tyre is bulletproof in LSA applications! 


Tube options for 15x6.00-6 size...

MICHELIN AIRSTOP 15x6.00-6  P/N 097-500-0 Aviation grade tube.  $125.00  TR20 straight stem.

AERO CLASSIC 15x6.00-6 "Leakguard" Aviation grade tube.  TR87/70 bent stem.  $125.00

 Many RAAus and homebuilts can use DURO industrial grade tube, available with TR13 or TR87 stem.  $18.00ea.



MITAS M2  420x150,  6.00x6 1/2   (600x6.5) 4pr.  Tube type.  $279.00 

Another high quality aviation product from ZLIN, Czech Republic.  Supplied with Release Note, EASA Form 1.

A true light aircraft tyre with rugged, puncture resistant construction, and the style to complement your classic aircraft.

TUBE for 420x150, 6.00x6.5, with TR67 stem.  $175.00



480/400-8 section

 WANDA P819  4.80-8 (4.00-8) T/L 8pr. RUGGED!!  Hi speed/High load.    $69.00  

Suitable for LAMBADA mains, replacing the OE. Trelleborg.  TUBES are $16.00ea. with the choice of TR13 or TR87 stem.

For 8 inch diameter rim.  Tyre diameter is 15 inches.  Tyre case is 4 inches in width.  Tread section is 3 inches wide.



Right click on any photo to enlarge.

For THREE INCH dia. wheel.  210-65 / 250-3  4pr.  Max load 280lb/127kg @ 50psi.  $68.00

Tube 210-65 / 250-3 with TR87 stem.  $34.00ea.



 WANDA P606  280/250-4 T/L 4pr. TAILWHEEL TYRE  $36.00    Max Load 296lb/134kg at 50 psi.   Diameter circa 200mm. TUBE to suit, with TR87 or TR13 stem.  $16.00

PA18 Cub, Pawnee, Lightwing, etc.    OR......see below


TAILWHEEL   Heavy Duty

AERO CLASSIC  280/250-4 6pr.Tailwheel tyre. $119.00 Built tough for nasty airstrips or heavily loaded tail gear.

Rated for 475 lbs @ 70psi max. Diameter circa 218mm.  Deeep tread gives long life on paved runways. Premium!

TUBE to suit, with TR13 or TR87 valve stem.  $16.00


 Rugged replacement for 260/85 on 4" Jabiru nose.

AERO CLASSIC  10x3.50-4 4pr. $129.00  Heavy duty aircraft rib. Tube type. Rated for 555lbs up to 70 psi.

 Ten inches high.  Tube type.  TUBES are $16.00 with TR13 or TR87 stem. 

Diameter 238mm.  Width at widest point 90mm.  Width at tread 65mm.  Tough and long lasting!


5.00-5 section

STA  AIR TRAC  5.00-5 6pr. tube type  $165.00

P/N 30602   TSO  120MPH  1285LB


STA  AIR HAWK  5.00-5 6ply  $169.00 

P/N 30842  120MPH  1,285LB  TSO  Tube type.  Weight 1.9kg.  Tyre height, 13 inches.


5.00-5 6pr. CONDOR TYRE P/N 072-312-0 120MPH 1,285LB TSO tube type.  $199.00   Tyre height, 13 inches.

Weight 2.6kg.  Supplied with EASA Form 1.


AERO CLASSIC by Specialty Tyres of America  5.00-5 T/L 10pr.  $ 209.00  AESL CT4

A very rugged, ten ply, tubeless tyre.  This is the one for your AESL  CT4.  Zoom in for detailed view.



Aero Classic TR67 Leakguard aviation grade tube.  $118.00  (illustrated above)

Aero Classic TR87 Leakguard aviation grade tube.  $118.00

SOME RAAus and experimental AIRCRAFT use a 13x5.00-6 INDUSTRIAL TUBE with the 5.00-5 tyre. 

These are available with TR13 straight tapered rubber or TR87 right angle bend metal stem.  $16.00



6.00-6 section

6.00-6 8pr. CONDOR TYRE  P/N 072-317-0  120MPH  2,350LB  TSO  tube type.   $270.00   Tyre height is 16.5 inches.  Tread depth is 6mm.  Approx 3.9kg.

Supplied with EASA Form 1.


TUBE OPTIONS for size 6.00-6

MICHELIN AIRSTOP Aviation grade TUBE   P/N 092-500-0  TSO  TR20 straight stem.   $125.00  ALSO FITS 17.5x6.25.

AERO CLASSIC Leakguard aviation grade tube.  TR87/70 bent valve.  $125.00

 SOME RAAus or homebuilt AIRCRAFT use a 15x6.00-6 INDUSTRIAL GRADE  TUBE with the 6.00-6 tyre.  Available with TR13 tapered rubber or TR87 right angle bend metal stem.   $18.00


6.00-6 6pr.  CONDOR TYRE  $264.00  P/N 072-314-0  120MPH  1,750LB  TSO  Requires tube, info above.

Tyre height/outside diameter is 16.5 inches.  Tread depth is 6mm.  Approx 3.8kg.  Supplied with EASA Form 1.


STA AERO TRAINER P/N 30620  6.00-6 6pr.  Tube type.  $189.00

Rated for 1,750lb and 120mph.  Skid depth 0.19".  TSO  Made in USA.



4.00-6 section


AERO CLASSIC MONSTER 4.00-6 (14x4) 8pr. $179.00  Premium LSA tyre. Fit with tube or tubeless.

Rated for 70mph/61kt and 850lb/386kg  Stiff case. High puncture resistance.

Not suitable for Pipistrel rim.    Bullet proof ! 

TUBES are $16.00ea. with choice of TR13 straight or TR87 bent stem, OR Aero Classic Leakguard tube .  See tube below next item.



AERO CLASSIC 4.00-6 (14x4) 6pr. T/L  $139.00  Fit with or without tube.

OE. tyre on XL601 or CH650.    TUBES to suit are $16.00ea. and are available with TR13 or TR87 valve stem, or see next item below.


Aero Classic "Leakguard" aviation grade tube.  Size 400-6 (14x4) with TR87 stem.  $75.00


  MITAS 4.00-6  14x4 B11  $79.00    Tube type tyre.  OE fit on Pipistrel and some Tecnam. 

Was previously branded SAVA.  Tread depth 3mm.  Weight 1.2kg.  Rated to carry 300kg at 65kts.   TUBES with TR13 or TR87 stem are $16.00ea, OR see Aero Classic tube above.



TR13  9.8mm base dia.
TR20   12.5mm base dia.


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